Avalanche in Austria: 2 still missing


Two people are still missing after an avalanche near the Austrian mountain villages of Lech and Zurs on Sunday, the Austrian Press Agency reported.

At least two people were injured in the avalanche, news agencies reported. One of the injured was taken to a clinic in Innsbruck, while the other was taken to a hospital in Bludiz, the agency reported.

Rescuers initially feared 10 people were missing in the avalanche, based on video taken by a ski guest before the avalanche.

Hermann Fercher from Lech/Zürs-Tourismus said the video appeared to show about 10 other skiers in the path of the avalanche, but ended before showing what happened to the skiers, the news agency reported.

Rescuers believe all of the skiers in the video were killed in the avalanche, the agency reported.

The Vorarlberg state security commissioner said he was optimistic that the two missing persons would be found, the news agency reported.

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