6 California homicides may have been the work of a serial killer

STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — Ballistics tests have linked the fatal shootings of six men in California and the wounding of a woman — all likely at the hands of a serial killer, police say – Police said the crime dates back to more than a year ago.

Authorities announced last week that five men in Stockton had been massacred, ambushed and shot alone in the dark in recent months. Late Monday, police said two more cases last year — the death of a man in Oakland and the shooting death of a woman in Stockton — were linked to the killings.

“It definitely fits the definition of a serial killer,” said Stockton Sergeant Joseph Silva. “The difference this time is that the shooter was just looking for an opportunity and unfortunately our victim was alone in a dark place.”

Police would not say whether all seven shootings were related to the same gun.

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