5 California killings that may have been the work of a serial killer

STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — A serial killer may have ambushed five men separately in central California in recent months, shooting them individually in the dark, and police are baffled as to why the victims were targeted .

Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva said Monday that none of the men had been robbed or beaten before they were killed — all within a few square miles — and none of them appeared to know each other. The shooting also appears to have nothing to do with gangs or drugs.

Stockton police announced Friday an $85,000 reward for information on killings dating back to July 8. Authorities also released a grainy still image of a “person of interest,” dressed in black and wearing a black hat, who appeared in videos of several crime scenes.

The latest killing occurred shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday, when a 54-year-old man was shot dead in a residential area north of the city center.

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