4,000-character tweets can now be tweeted on Twitter — but there’s a problem Tech News

Twitter has announced that subscribers to its premium Blue service can now post longer tweets – but the news was overshadowed by a technical glitch.

Customers who pay £8 per month can now enjoy a 4,000 character limit – significantly more than the standard 280 characters for free accounts.

But some users were unable to tweet at all on Wednesday, and thousands received a message saying they had exceeded their daily posting limit.

One of the ones that did manage to get a message out was Twitter Support, which said: “Twitter may not be working as some of you expected. Sorry for the trouble. We are aware of this and are working hard to fix it.”

It’s the latest breach the social network has suffered since Elon Musk took over late last year — the billionaire swiftly decided to lay off staff.

Critics have long questioned whether Twitter’s service would remain reliable with fewer engineers.

Twitter acknowledged that longer tweets may cause users to scroll more, but said: “Don’t worry, Twitter is still Twitter. We know longer tweets can mean more scrolling, so they’re capped For 280 characters on the timeline, you’ll see a ‘Show more’ prompt, click and read the entire tweet.”

In other developments, Twitter users also reported that TweetDeck — a social media dashboard app that allows users to create multiple feeds tailored to the topic of the information they want — has also been shut down.

The free service, accessible through a separate web page using a standard Twitter account, is especially popular with journalists and businesses.

Screenshots seem to indicate that TweetDeck will soon be a feature exclusive to Twitter Blue, but the company has yet to make an official announcement.

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