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Boo-zy Halloween Cocktail

No matter who you invite, it’s not a party until you have a glass of wine on hand. So whether you’re entertaining friends over a cauldron of punch, or planning a trick-or-treating cocktail party (with appetizers!) for all the neighborhood parents, you’ll find these creepy The lovely drinks are exactly what you are looking for. So come on, pin the punch bowl! One of our favorite Halloween parties? This version of the classic Ricky. It’s refreshing and delicious – just add some gin and you’ve got the perfect after-dark cocktail.

Get the Recipe: Blueberry Wobbly Eyeball Punch

witch’s brew

This cauldron cocktail is perfect for an adult Halloween party. Made with just 5 simple ingredients, it’s perfect for when you need to make food fast.

Get the recipe: Witch’s Brew

Poison Apple Fist

Fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, and cloves add a warm, spicy kick to this cider and whisky concoction. Bright, natural sweetness from fresh citrus peels.

Get the recipe: Poison Apple Punch

Blood Orange Vampire Punch

Tart cherries and sweet blood orange juice are a great way to balance out the characteristic smoky flavor of mezcal. The flavors blend so perfectly, you’ll want to make this drink year-round.

Get the Recipe: Blood Orange Vampire Punch

Black Light Cocktail

Fun fact: The tonic glows under a black light (which makes it the perfect addition to any Halloween cocktail). Trisha adds some to the finished drink and ice for best results.

Get the Recipe: Black Light Cocktail

Ghost Cocktail

This spooky cocktail will send you chills, but it works well. Sweet, icy, and a little boozy, it’s a fun start (or end) to a Halloween party. You can omit the vodka for younger people and add double or triple the recipe for larger groups.

Get the Recipe: Ghost Cocktail

Pumpkin Sangria

Calling all Pumpkin Spice fans! This seasonal sangria gets extra flavor from pumpkin pie spice – mixed with sugar at the rim of the glass. Um!

Get the Recipe: Pumpkin Sangria

Hemlock Cocktail

Short time or few ingredients? You just need a few things (about 5 minutes) to mix up some delicious bourbon cocktails.

Get the Recipe: Hemlock Cocktail

Bubbling Cauldron Punch

This cauldron may not be full of gooey toads, bat wings and dragon scales, but it sure looks like it! What’s the secret to this delicious potion’s bubbly? A scoop of green tea ice cream!

Get the Recipe: Effervescent Cauldron Punch

dark and spooky

When you put a chewy black fudge spider in a glass, the rum and ginger beer concoction takes a terrifying transformation!

Get the Recipe: Claire Robinson’s Darkness and Ghosts

Berry Eyeball Punch

This punch bowl might look scary, but those floating eyeballs are really sweet and delicious lychee fruit – with blueberries in it!

Get the Recipe: Berry Eyeball Punch

Zombie Punch

DDon’t be surprised if you find your guests lurking around the punch bowl for another sip; frozen fruit ice cubes keep this punch cool without detracting from its flavor.

Get the recipe: Zombie Punch

candy corn liqueur

Now you can eat candy corn – can you drink it too? Yes! Candy Corn Vodka is easy and fun to make. Dress it up with orange liqueur and a splash of fresh lemon juice for the perfect Halloween-hued drink.

Get the Recipe: Candy Corn Liqueur

blood red cherry wine

Welcome guests old and young with a cup of “blood”. Juice and pomegranate molasses give this delightful wine its ruby ​​color, and ginger ale adds bubbles.

Get the Recipe: Blood Cherry Liqueur

Phoenix Rising Cocktail

This Belarusian with a twist uses white chocolate liqueur. Serve it in goblets that fit the queen’s attire.

Get the Recipe: Phoenix Rising Cocktail

Dragon Blood Fist

Surprise your guests with this creepy punch. Its ruby ​​hue comes from a mix of cranberry juice and fruit drink.

Get the recipe: Dragon’s Blood Infusion (Alcohol Free)

Black Cloud Cocktail

The eerie black clouds in this drink come from a splash of black vodka.

Get the recipe: Black Cloud Cocktail

Apple Cider Fall Fireball

Looking for an utterly delicious flavor on sweet cider? Add homemade simple syrup, warm baking spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves—and a fiery spiced rum!

Get the Recipe: Cider Fall Fireball

halloween jelly

Why kids should have fun on Halloween At your holiday table, prepare snacks for grown-ups like these vodka-infused jelly drinks. They’re beautifully layered in a baking sheet, with colors designed to evoke candy corn and flavors inspired by creamy orange popsicles. Just cube them and top with slightly sweetened whipped cream and some orange and black sprinkles.

Get the recipe: Halloween Jelly

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